CARVÈR | About Us

Elevated cool lives here. 

Born from a desire to put elevated and effortlessly cool vibes into the everyday wardrobe.
Our timeless essentials are designed to be worn, re-worn and worn-in. 
To be mixed-in, layered-up or paired-back.


Slow. Considered. Forward.

In an industry where 'more' is expected, and 'speed' is congratulated, we've taken a big step back. It's time to slow. right. down.

We've said au revoir to excessive seasonal collections and mass productions (*cough* waste), and cou-cou to a much more considered approach to keeping you cool. Refreshing, right?

Every CARVÈR design is offered initially on pre-sale, followed by a small and exclusive production run. While we continue to work hard to reduce le waste, be sure to avoid le FOMO. Because once your favourite style is gone, it may not ever come back!


Long-life, not land-fill. 

Only getting better with every wear, every tear, every bump and bruise. When it comes time to say goodbye, we encourage you to give your slice of CARVÈR new life by opting to donate to your local thrift-shop, not landfill.